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We take our clients beyond the traditional media boundaries of planning and investment, and deeper into big data, and marketing technology. We turn ad-tech and data into competitive advantage.

We help our clients and organizations to define the right solutions, vision, profiles, technologies and processes in order to get the best value out of these necessary investments.

In-housing Consultancy

Our Digital Marketing Transformation projects aim to empower advertisers, sales houses/broadcasters/publishers and agencies so that they have full control of their digital marketing activities, and the means they deploy to achieve them. The in-housing of activities being a potential outcome of such projects.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

We assess the feasibility, costs and business impact of a partial or integral in-housing of digital marketing capabilities, with a keen focus on media and data. We observe and analyze, then we design and recommend and finally we implement and train. In other terms, we define the proper strategy and implementation to meet the objectives; from business, technological, commercial and operational perspectives.

The first step is to build a ‘business case’ which outcome would be an actionable plan that will be presented internally in the form of an executive summary.

Adtech & Martech Consultancy

Technology is everywhere in the media field and gain more and more importance within organizations.

Next to human resources, selecting the right technology partner is one of the most important aspect of the digital marketing of tomorrow.

Whether Buy or Sell Side, from Ad-serving to complex in-house Programmatic capabilities (DSP’s, SSP’s, DMP’s, CDP’s, CMP’s, SSAI’s or any other acronyms), our team of senior tech experts developed specific expertise in assessing Adtech and Martech requirements to provide recommendations or drive RFI/RFP processes to build robust, effective and future-proof technology stack.

Digital Media Consultancy

Developing strategies and plans for digital is hard work, and technology can’t be the unique solution to all problems.

From branding to performance (DR), we help you to create best in class digital mechanics starting and ending with your business goals ; combining bidding environments such as search, social, programmatic or any other digital channels.

On site if required, for a short or long period of time, our team of medior and senior media experts will assist you from the auditing of the actual situation, defining the goals you want to achieve, selecting which media and how to use it as well as creating all the required processes to judge, fine-tune and (re)allocate investments based on business results.
We are active on Digital Media Buying and Planning, Digital Strategy, Digital Ad Operations/Trafficking/Debugging, Programmatic Buying (both Buy-side and Sell-side), Paid Social, Digital Sales and Advanced BI and (Media) Data Science.

Data Management Consultancy

Nowadays, a good digital ecosystem requires a professional data handling system, in other words, a Data Management Platform (DMP) and/or a Customer Data Platform (CDP). The usage of such platform is more than needed, especially to drive efficiencies in digital mechanics, avoiding media wastage, only targeting the desired profiles and customers, creating look-a-like audience or excluding existing customers, etc.

Whether you want to use it for analytics or create and use media segments, our team of senior experts will help you to shortlist, choose, implement and activate the best Data Management Platform according to your business needs.

BI, Measurement & Data Visualization

Measurement and data visualization are important parameters to provide every level of stakeholder a comprehensive view of performance across the business. From individual campaign performance and product performance to overall business group or brand performance.

Reporting can be used not only retrospectively but to plot trend lines and to perform accurate predictive analysis in many ways.

Our team of Data Analysts & Scientists mastering best in class data visualization tools may provide a baseline framework to build custom dashboarding interfaces and applications including past and predictive figures directly linked to your business goals.

Attribution Modelling & Econometry

Digital performance and conversions tracking have been using the old ‘last click’ model for long now; this model already shown lots of limits when it comes to attributing conversions and value to channels in complex digital mixes.

Working on attribution modelling allows to go behind the standard and use more efficient models such as weighted, time decay, Markov, etc. or even build custom made ones. More important, these practices can also be the base for multi-media modelling as well as econometric algorythms.

Our team of Data Analysts & Scientists will help you to identify the one that suits your business the most (or create your proper one ) and help you understand the value each channels as well as the influence of each on the others to better attribute marketing budget across the media mix.

Trainings, Coaching and Academic Program

In an ever-changing digital world, being on top of the edge remains very difficult especially due to the multiplication of disciplines, technologies and new trendy topics.

We have years of experience in media, technology, trading and programmatic space from which we developed extensive training material and exercises.

Our medior and senior experts provide various training sessions (as well as coaching sessions) via market organization during the year but also delivers specific and customized in-house sessions for your team member to be updated on desired topics.


The media and data ecosystems are constantly changing and the commonly used market tools can quickly be obsolete for your business needs.
Product development may involve modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product.

We master the creation of media or data products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to our customers. We develop tailor-made products (including predictive models) or we give you the opportunity to take a licence for our existing products, that will surely help you on a daily basis. With years of experience, we help you to overcome the complexity of connecting requirements, design, development and deployment. Get the tools YOU need to disrupt the competition.

As an exemple, we created, developed and successfully launched MyAdsPlatform, a brand-new technology facilitating digital marketing campaigns, in other words, a branding / reach oriented technology that allows marketeers to create and launch a digital advertising campaign in no more than a few minutes.

An accurate forecasting system drives you through the 5-step process, based on KPI’s that may be compared to offline campaigns such as OTS, GRP, Reach and cost per GRP as well as pure digital metrics.
A DMP-based targeting system, a selection of high reach premium sites and an easy to use creative upload interface, combined with insightful granular reporting capabilities. Click here for more info about MyAds

Our clients

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Media Dashboarding / In-Housing Consultancy, Advice and Setup

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding / Media consultancy / Digital Trainings

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding / Media consultancy / Digital Trainings

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding / Media consultancy / Digital Trainings

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding / Media consultancy / Digital Trainings

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding / Media consultancy / Digital Trainings

Digital transformation / Technical management / DMP installation and management / Attribution modelling / Programmatic buying

Technical structure audit / SSP setup

Business case / In-housing consultancy / Coaching and training

Data visualization & Dashboarding / Business case / Paid Social Consultancy / Coaching and training

Digital Trainings / Technical structure audit / Coaching and training / Digital Media Consultancy

Technical business case / Technical structure audit

Business case / Programmatic strategy / In-housing consultancy / Coaching and training

Digital Trainings

Data audit & structure / Data visualization & Dashboarding

Technical business case

Technical structure audit / SSP setup

Paid Social campaign management / Programmatic campaign management / Digital Planning / Outplacement

Digital Planning / Outplacement

Paid Social campaign management / Programmatic campaign management / Outplacement

Business case / Programmatic campaign management / Digital consultancy

Digital Planning / Outplacement

Digital transformation / Technical management / Programmatic consultancy / DMP installation and management / Sales consultancy / Digital strategy / Digital Management

Digital Department setup / Adserver, SSP & DMP pitch, technical implementation and technical management / Digital Pricing and strategy advice / Adops & Client service support / Video & Audio

Technical consultancy Adserver/SSP and installation/migration

Business consultancy, online video / Technical setup, online video

Technical RFP management (DSP/SSP), DaviD, The Belgian Marketplace

Business case

Sales consultancy

Paid Social campaign management / Digital Trainings

Technical management / Programmatic campaign management / In-housing / Outplacement

Digital Trainings

Business case

Data-Driven Marketing course (Teaching)

Teaching course, Programmatic Buying

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